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Workers' Compensation

At Attorneys Inc., P.C., one area of law we emphasize is representing clients with Workers' Compensation claims. Over the years our lawyers have represented hundreds of Workers' Compensation claimants injured at work. Attorneys Inc. "work comp" practice is generally limited to claims against Montana employers, both in Missoula and across the state.

Although this law office handles a wide variety of claims for on-the-job inuries, some common types include back and shoulder strains, injuries caused by traumatic accidents, and repetitive motion diseases (such as carpal tunnel). A work-related injury need not cause permanent injury to receive compensation. Temporary injuries that meet certain legal requirements are also compensable.

Montana law provides that an employee injured on a single day or during a single work shift is covered under the Workers' Compensation Act, and that an employee whose injury occurs over a longer period of time is covered under the Occupational Disease Act. Workers' Compensation insurance under both Acts is required through the employer, a private insurance company, or the Montana State Fund.

After being reported to the employer, Montana Workers' Compensation claims are filed with the Employment Relations Division at the Montana Department of Labor. Montana also has a separate Workers' Compensation Court, should a claim go to trial. Attorneys Inc. lawyers have represented injured employees before the Workers' Compensation Court on many occasions.

A Workers' Compensation claim is not always the exclusive remedy an employee has when injured in Montana. Even though non-Workers' Compensation lawsuits are generally not allowed against the employer, in certain situations the employer or another person (a third party) may be liable for accidents and injuries. Although these claims are not Workers' Compensation claims, Attorneys Inc. can represent clients on these claims in addition to the Workers' Compensation claim.

If you are injured while working, it is most important that you get appropriate medical attention and inform your employer about the accident right away to protect your Workers' Compensation rights. Claims not filed right away might not be allowed. If you have a potential claim and would like a law office to review the facts, feel free to contact this office. There is NO CHARGE and no obligation for an initial interview with Attorneys Inc., P.C.

You may contact Attorneys Inc., P.C. by e-mailing us at, by using our Contact Form, or by calling (406) 728-4514.

You may also visit Attorneys Inc., P.C. at 301 W Spruce, Missoula, Montana.